TLS 1.3

This is the LATEST and RECOMMENDED Version of TLS.
TLSv1.3 is still in its intial roll-out phase. Expect minimum information about issues.

Last Updated Thu, 12 Dev 2018 12:00:01 -0400


TLSv1.3 is currently in its early stages. But, as of 21 March 2018, TLS 1.3 is an Internet Draft proposed to Internet Standard. It is based on the earlier TLS 1.2 specification.

TLSv1.3 brings with it a lot of improvements in the aspects of speed and security. This has led to a re-design of the way the protocol performs handshake. Filippo Valsorda had a great talk describing the major benefits of TLS 1.3 vs that of TLS 1.2. We recommend that you spend some time in understanding the differences in the way TLSv1.2 and TLSv1.3 work.

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