A Cryptographic Knowledge Base

Created for IT Professionals, Software Developers and Managers Get Started


A developer is mostly a software developer who has to incorporate security in the software that he/she is developing

IT Professionals

IT Professionals are the individuals who primarily work with security configuration of most of the IT infrastructure of the company.


The Managers refered are the individuals that usually have to make major decisions that have a considerable impact in the security of the infrastructure in their company.

Cryptography is complicated.

Through this knowledge base we are aiming to demystify the complexities behind cryptography for IT Professionals, Software Developers and Management by providing recommendations, quick starts and landmines.



Help deliver the important messages concerning the protocol. These could link to detailed articles explaining the reasoning behind the message.

02. Introduction & Attacks

A short description about the topic explaining its position in the world of cryptography, history and its vulnerabilities/attacks.


QuickStarts are designed to help different professionals learn and deploy different protocols or techniques using a Concept and an Example.