Content Creation Guidelines!

Hello, Security Enthusiasts. We appreciate you taking the time and are considering helping us expand this knowledge base.

This website aims on a few specific aspects that we will go over through the course of this document. Please follow through the document to get an understanding of our website and then instructions about how to present document.

Note: This is not a comprehensive list of steps or to do items. It is more of a guide to help structure the content or data to the idealogy that website aims to portray. And the guidelines are generic and try to include as much topics as possible.

Primary Objectives or Major Guidelines:

  • The content must be constructed in a tiered system. The complexity of the topic at hand must increase as the user delves into the pages. A user who wants to know more should be presented with the option to learn more. The Tiered system includes a Landing page (Definition or Introduction) and subsequent inner pages with details.

  • Almost, all pages must have "Actionable takeways!" or banners that possibly summarize the gist of the page and idea that you would like to convey. The motive is that any type of reader (mainly: Manager, IT professional or a Developer) have a thought or idea about security that "sticks".

  • If possible, the content should also be created such that it follows a Concept and Example/Explanation type of model. As seen in this page.

  • If vulnerabilities or attacks are described, the pages can also be constructed to follow the PIC (Protocol, Implementation or Configuration) model. Please visit this page to for more information of the PIC model.

  • Each Protocol, Implementation and Configuration is associated to a particular image. Associating your concept with the model and the image helps drive the model further for the readers.

  • Try to accompany every concept with examples that are not specific to a particular vendor. Try to choose the example to be as simple and close to the concept you are trying to explain.

  • Colour Scheme: Green - Good, Red - Bad, Orange - Warning. Pages or concepts that are obsolete or outdated must be have a dull theme to visually dissuade readers. Pages or concepts that are good or "current" must be bright/colorful theme to encourage the readers.

  • For every major concept, please include a FAQs section with the key takeaways.

Other Guidelines or Tips:

  • Try to present the data for a individual who is "in the industry but not familiar with security"

  • Minimize security jargon in the higher tier pages and introduce them as you go along. If it is a different concept all together, link the concept.(preferably to another page in this site itself)