About Us

Our Vision:

At Crypto Done Right, we as a part of the security community, helping professionals and enthusiasts in the space of software development, I.T or management to get comfortable with the complex world of cryptography through a community driven knowledge base that is accurate, reliable, and up-to-date.

Our Values:

1. Security:
A system is only as strong as its weakest link. Security is complicated and of paramount importance for any organization or product and there are very little room for error. Security needs to be everyone's responsibility. Now, more than ever, earning customers’ trust in any business requires robust security.

2. Cryptography has its weaknesses too:
Like anything else in this world, cryptography is not foolproof. There are multiple reasons why this is the case. But there are still various flavors of cryptographic algorithms that help protect against a wide range of attacks. Through this knowledge base, we aim to ensure that any professional who wants to implement cryptography is given up-to-date information and is aware of which algorithms to avoid, which configuration to setup, how to move to stronger cryptography etc. All of this is delivered as easy-to-understand, structured content.

3. Change is the only constant:
Security is adaptive and is based on context. Different organizational values lead to different security measures and cryptography is an ever-changing landscape. Security (including cryptography) can never be achieved with a one-time setup. Like a well-oiled machine, it needs to be maintained and tweaked from time to time.


1. Demystifying Cryptography:
Cryptography is a complicated subject. What makes it complicated to consumers are the plethora of options (in terms of configuration and deployment) that exist to achieve most up-to-date and proven security. Everyday use of cryptography for the majority of professionals does not necessitate understanding the intricate details of the various flavors available. Through Crypto Done Right, we aim to deliver content to our audience in the a clear and coherent fashion.

2. Organized, Easy-to-Navigate Content:
Cryptography is often seen as inaccessible due to poor and unorganized documentation. Crypto Done Right aims to set a standard template around key content to help the audience become familiar with the structure of the website. After a few clicks around, you should find the website very easy to navigate.

3. Community Driven:
The website will use a centralized database where anyone can come in and contribute content. The content will be automatically rendered according to the standard templates to maintain a consistent overall feel.


Our People
Dr. Matthew Green
Dr. Seth James Nielson
Johns Hopkins University Information Security Institute
Debra Baker, Principal Security Engineer at Cygnacom Solutions
David McGrew, Fellow at Cisco

Thanks to the graduate students who are making the knowledge base a reality with building the site and populating the pertinent cryptographic information.

  • Prashanth Venkateswaran
  • Venkata Aditya
  • Jennifer Li
  • Muskaan Kalra
  • Rishabh Singh
The Crypto Done Right cryptographic knowledge base is a repository of practical cryptographic information. The intent is for it to be a resource for developers, administrators, and managers to quickly take action on the information. Was that lastest break-in one I should worry about, or is it a nationwide attack? What is the best practice for TLS and SSH? These are the type of questions we want to answer. The knowledge base is a resource for network administrators and developers to successfully configure and implement cryptography.

If you are interested in submitting content, please send us an email. All information submitted will be reviewed prior to be being posted on the web site. Here is a document we wrote to get you started.